Q&A: How does demo "shopping" work?
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Get Record Deals Online; Get Discovered by Submitting Your Music Demos or Music Videos to Record Label A&R Talent Scouts looking new artists to sign to Record Contracts / Standard Record Deals & 360 Record Deals; Open to; Musicians, Songwriters, Male / Female Singers, Rappers, Bands, Groups Most Styles; Top 40, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Country, Bands / Groups, Drummer, Background Singers, Pianists, Keyboardists, Beat Makers, Composer, Lead / Rhythm / Acoustic Guitarists, Bassists needed for signed bands, Touring, Live Shows, Available Paid Gigs, Studio Session Recording, Open Casting Call Auditions, Singing Auditions.
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How to get a record deal at Deal-O-Rama, All Music Genres are Needed; Top 40, Pop, R&B, Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Dance, Gospel, Christian, Country, Blues, Classical, EDM, Trap, Heavy Metal 
Newest list of major record labels accepting demos. Send Your Demos, CD Recording, WAV, Streaming Links or even MP3 downloads.

Demos do not have to be professionally recorded.

See How To Get Signed to learn about how we discover new artists and get exclusive advice, You can find out more about Rtsabm Records, Sony Music, Atlantic Records, Empire Records, RCA, Universal Music Group, Epic Records by visiting Our Label.

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